59th Edmonton Scout Group

About the 59th

The 59th Edmonton was chartered over fifty years ago by the Knights of Columbus at St. Agnes Parish - who saw that there would be a need for a youth organization in the new communities being built to the south of the church. After a few years, the Knights handed off management of the group to the (then-new) Greenfield Community League.

Since that time, the group has grown to serve youth from many communities around Greenfield, including Lansdowne, Royal Gardens, Aspen Gardens, Blue Quill, Duggan, and more. The group currently boasts two Beaver Colonies, two Cub Packs, two Scout Troops, one Venturer Company, and one Rover Crew.


Venturers & Rovers

News & Updates

Scout Coffee!

This year, Scouts Canada has introduced a new fundraising campaign! Don't worry; Scout Popcorn sales will resume, likely in the spring. But now, Scout Popcorn is joined by... Scout Coffee!

Scouts Canada has parterned with Equator Coffee Roasters, a Canadian company, to produce a series of special, Scout-themed coffee roasts. What's more, coffee sales are being conducted entirely online, which helps to minimize risks to our youth (no going door-to-door in a pandemic!).

To support the 59th by purchasing Scout Coffee:

  1. Head on over to ScoutCoffee.ca

  2. Select the coffee(s) you wish to purchase

  3. At checkout, under "Charity Selections", search for our Group ("59th Edmonton" or "59th Greenfield") and select us from the search results.

You can browse the complete selection of Scout Coffee roasts here.

Registration Delayed

Due to technical issues with the registration system, Scouts Canada has temporarily postponed registrations for the 2021 Scouting year.

However, the same schedule structure will apply when registration is opened up: returning members from last year will be given a two-week window in which they can register - and Free Trial members will then be given a one-week window in which they can register - prior to public registration opening up.

Registration Dates (and More!)

Scouts Canada have revealed the dates you've all been waiting for - registration for the 2021 Scouting year:

  • September 15th is the deadline for current members to indicate if they will be returning to Scouting activities for the remainder of 2020

  • September 16th is when sign-ups will open for the Fall 2020 "Free Trial" program

  • Registration for returning current members will open on October 1st

  • Registration for interested "Free Trial" members will open on October 15th

  • Registration for new members will open on October 23rd

Returning to Scouting

2020 has been a tumultuous year full of challenges and changes. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Scouts in Canada have been unable to meet in person since March. However, in-person Scouting will resume as of September 1st.

Our group is in the process of planning what the return to in-person Scouting will look like for our sections, and we will be in communication with group members soon. In the meantime, please consult Scouts Canada's official "Welcome Back" announcement, policy and standards changes, and FAQ for details about what Scouting will (and won't) entail for the remainder of 2020.

New Website

Welcome to the 59th Edmonton Scout Group's brand new website! We've been active on social media for a few years - you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! - but we haven't had an official website for a while now.

We will continue to use other familiar resources to communicate with group members and their parents, of course - especially email and ScoutsTracker - but this new site will be another source for useful information, and a means of contacting group leadership.

A Scouting Podcast

Scouting Stuff is a podcast about Scouting - mostly from a Canadian perspective, although not exclusively - that was founded by two former members of the 59th. Scouters Ken and Colin met in Beaver Scouts, and stayed with the Scouting program all the way through Rover Scouts.

Scouter Colin is also a former Group Commissioner for the 59th, and Scouter Ken is a Scouter for our Beaver Colonies, Cub Packs, and Scout Troops.